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  • Thanks Grace, idle (sanitized) hands, the pen’s play mate… ! Stay well and safe!

  • Part one of my little contribution to the Corona Days.

    For years, the world seemed to have been turning faster and faster.  Like some Death Metal ballad on steroids.  Technology offering insane communication i […]

  • Merry Christmas from Geneva(where it was forbidden for two centuries…)

    First and foremost: A Merry Christmas. To my
    friends and acquaintances and kind clients: The year has been so dense with
    work, e […]

  • Thanks Mike. I appreciate the thumbs up…. I have an old-fashioned blog…. long pieces !!

    Grace is a fabulous writer! I remember reading a novel she wrote and sent me in manuscript form! I loved it.

  • Thanks Jens. Indeed, there is a lot of matwrial out there for watch fans, and lots of it is excellent. I’d love to purchase a one of those great timepieces I find at flea markets, but how far “off beat” are they […]


    Watch lovers, collectors, repairmen and -women all face a core issue: How to determine whether a watch is running on time and whether it might need fixing.

    Here’s the situation any watch fan […]

  • The Mueller Report is in… but is the real crime collusion, or has the president been using it as a rhetorical decoy to hide other crimes? There is a case to be made that the Trump administration, with GOP c […]

  • US news on this 4th of September, 2018, has all to do about justice. And how the current president of the USA apparently refuses to accept the plain fact that  the judiciary must be independent.

    “He was […]

  • Watches can be a major investment. So naturally, many collectors, especially of more recent vintage (and notably in emerging watch markets) prefer to play it safe and buy a big-name timepiece.  These are more […]


    You haven’t heard this one yet: Four top experts, a micro-engineer, an industrial designer, an artist with a specialty in metalwork, and an accountant walk into a bar. And the barman says: “So, Herr […]

  • Laura Ingraham invoked Stalin to attack David Hogg for launching a boycott of her show. It was truly a Goliath versus David moment, i.e. Laura with the power of Fox News and the entire right-wing noise machine, […]

  • Political correctness is one very important issue, because it affects the interpretation of 1A, which, sadly, has lost a lot of its shine. I suspect strongly that it was written with the idea(l) of an enlightened […]

  • AT SOME POINT, the Parkland shooting may be seen as the turning point in the struggle to end what can only be termed NRA blackmail of much of the country and its purchase of unquestioning political support from […]

  • For those who do not like to read much, here’s a short version of a longer lucubration on the topic of online invective  as it currently stands… :

    What drives an adult mother like Laura Ingraham to wr […]

  • Marton Radkai commented on the post, Thorny delight 6 years ago

    A lot of things we take for granted! I knew cardons as a child, but it never occurred to me either to question where it came from…. It was eaten in a creamy sauce…

  • It’s long. But it was written fairly carefully…;-)

  • Marton Radkai wrote a new post 6 years ago

    Pulling the Hitler card has become so standard in what passes for debates or discourse, it is even the subject of a kind of law: Godwin’s Law. It dates back to 1990, apparently, but while somewhat reductionist, it […]

  • To call Donald Trump a racist, or a bigot, a misogynist, is not an insult. It’s a ticket to the maelstrom of drama he likes to create. My notes on this aspect of Trumpism go back to spring ’16. The noise […]

  • When New York Journal illustrator Frederick Remington contacted his boss, William Randolph Hearst, from Cuba in 1897, it was to inform him, that the insurrection against the Spanish colonial overlords was […]

  • A look at a specialty on Geneva’s Yuletide tables.

    One cannot help but think that if the Latin influence were not so strong in Geneva, Christmas might not be such a jolly affair in the city. Indeed, when dour […]

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