Watch worlds

In the spring of 2007, I was asked by a Basel-based English-language magazine to write about watches. As a reporter and journalist, I had done my fair share of reporting on technical-scientific things. As boy, I did like to tinker with steam engines, which is apparently de rigueur for anyone in the watch industry.  And so I tried my hand at writing about watches.

My first articles – an interview with Caroline Scheufele of Chopard, and a piece on Blancpain – were, I suspect, frightfully uninformed. But the enthusiasm was definitely there, especially when I discovered the equation of time complication, which allows a watch to track sun time. Some of the older pieces should be appearing here gradually. But let me begin with my second epiphany with watches, a moment of “the earth moving,” namely when I attended a watchmaking workshop with Paul Gerber, one of the world’s great watchmakers, a quiet, creative, eminently practical genius. Note: The article is being published and will be uploaded as soon as it has appeared.

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