This page is devoted to thoughts and opinions, of mine and of others, but in critical light.

Blogs are living beings, they must constantly be fed, and that takes time. Not so long ago, in an age when the so-called “Millenials” (a marketing term rather than a real term) were still in their conception stage, people who worked with text would spend time reflecting on things, anything, and often taking a critical look at the world about them and publishing the results, and even getting paid for their work. Today we have these “blogs,” a word whose sheer sonority gives us all a pretty good idea of its meaning, and they are free of charge, though not for the “content provider.”

I do not wish to get ahead of myself. Observing the world can be thought provoking, and these are some of those thoughts. Rude or irrelevant comments will be moderated and consigned to oblivion. -> Here’s the link to the page